March 11, 2004

Living Our Dream

Having no job is pretty fabulous. Technically, I have a job, but due to the many clerical errors at UMASS, the starting of that job is constantly delayed. So, here I am, in Seattle with good friends and lots of nothing to do. A typical day starts with us rolling out of bed, and this does take effort, around 12:30pm. Keep in mind - all times are west coast. I mumble a couple things about how I should really get moving because I have to make some business calls to the East Coast and they all start to leave work in the first 30 minutes where I attempt to join the living. Then, I shuffule into the kitchen where I see Andy at the computer. Generally, he wakes up anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half before me and I am out of bed anywhere from 5 minutes to a half hour before Jed. Then, without fail, I wave to Andy, eyes half open, crust still caked in the corners, and forcing my lips to separate from the paste that holds them closed, I say, "Good morning. Afternoon. Whatever." Then, I make a full pot of coffee. Jed's coffee pot has the amazing ability to stop percolating if someone pulls the pot out before it is finished and so as soon as a cup is ready, one of us pours ourself a cup and so on. This results in a difficulty to keep enough coffee ready for refill according to each of our drinking speeds. Jed currently holds the olympic record for most coffee drinking ever. I nurse my coffee as though it were the vodka tonic I was peer pressured into drinking at a bar last weekend. Andy gets a cup of coffee and I sit down on the futon/couch/Andy's bed and watch CNN headline news and turn on my laptop. Jed shuffles out of bed in sweat pants, a sweat shirt with the hood up, and homer simpson slippers, pours some coffee, turns on his computer, pokes his head around into the living room/Andy's bedroom and asks if I want a bagel. Of course, I always say yes. Then I get up and take care of our plant. A Chia Head of Homer Simpson. We fill him with water using a turkey baster since the hole in the top of his head is difficult to fill. Jed makes our bagels, sits down next to me and changes the channel, stopping briefly at TNT to see if he recognizes the Saved by the Bell episode. Of course, he has seen them all and he moves on. Then, in our typical lazy way, Andy and I will discuss politics and the news over IM on our computers, though we are only about five feet apart. Sometimes, talking is just too much, even for me. Lately, if the weather isn't great, Jed will play Zelda on Nintendo and Andy will go through a fun little game that all of us have done at one time or another on our computers. He begins by checking his email. Then he checks his favorite websites for updates. After reading those he musters up some internal excitement over the possibility that maybe someone has sent him an email in the time that he was reading website updates. He checks his email and if there is a new one, he then wonders if, perhaps, someone may have updated their webpage while he was reading his email. It is a viscious, viscious cycle that we all fall victim to at some point in the day. By this time, it is about 5ish and Chris comes home after doing something all day that he likes to call "work." The three of us are still trying to figure out what that could be. He keeps whatever horror he feels towards us three bums to himself and either plays video games while Jed gives his Nintendo thumb a rest or he goes out with some friends. Andy is still on the computer. I, in utter boredom, force myself to take a nap. Someone will succeed in waking me up, though all will try, in time for one of the many reality television shows we have come to obsess over. We make fun of the people and how pathetic their lives are and then the boys indulge in beer while I drown my boredom in my private supply of diet Dr. Pepper. On Monday, we actually left the apartment sometime after midnight to go grocery shopping. We came back, had some more drinks and sat down to watch the East Coast morning news. We laughed at all the people signing on to AIM at Litco. I go to bed around 4am while Jed and Andy make it to 5ish and Jed usually stays up watching television a little while after that. Then, we sleep blissfully until around 12:30pm when it starts all over again. We all agree we are living an awesome life. Seattle Rules! Okay, the inside of this apartment that is located in Seattle rules!

Posted by karen at March 11, 2004 01:37 AM

I'm glad to see that your good friends keep you so entertained throughout the day. (Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I'm on the computer as much as you note because watching Jed play Zelda is very boring. But I'll let him have his fun for now.)

I'm also glad you took to heart my suggestion to hit *enter* once in a while writing this. Thanks.

ps. I still don't like dark chex.

Posted by: Andrew Davis at March 11, 2004 02:16 AM

They are called Wheat Chex and they are hands down the best Chex ever invented.

Posted by: lopolis at March 11, 2004 12:57 PM

Carriage returns! My kingdom for a carriage return!

Posted by: alexs at March 12, 2004 05:33 PM

i have been told by many of my crime...

consider it noted. i promise to fix it next time. i write like i talk, without taking a breath.

by the way, nice Richard III reference.

Posted by: Karen at March 12, 2004 06:09 PM

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