December 27, 2008

The Greatest Christmas Card Ever

I completely forgot to post this prior to the holiday but I figured it wasn't too late to sneak it in.

When Jed and I lived in Japan a very nice woman came to our house to help with the translation and set up of our cable. Like most of the tiny Japanese women he met, she absolutely loved Jed. She even sent him a Christmas card which has become my favorite Christmas card of all time.

Here is the beautiful front of the card:

Greatest Card Front.jpg

And here is the greeting and her signature:

Greatest Card Signature.jpg

And here is her personal message:

Greatest Card Message.jpg

In case you're having trouble figuring it out it says, "May the happy time becomes the Christmas got blocked a lot!"

We never figured out what that meant but loved it. It is one of the best things we brought back from Japan. It's hard to learn another language - especially one so incredibly different than your own. I admire her effort as well as her thoughtfulness to send a card. I hope wherever she is, she's having a happy time.

Posted by karen at December 27, 2008 03:03 PM
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