January 22, 2004

My Little Nephews

I know it has been an unbelievably long time since I have last written. As I stated before, my life is very scattered lately and I don’t expect it to settle down much until March or April. But once I get settled into a place in Japan and find my routine, I will update more often. Right now I am still relying heavily on my gorgeous boyfriend to help me with html, as the learning process has been slow.

Just to update everyone…I am in Florida right now. A lot has happened in the past week and once I get pictures back from those events I will dedicate whole pages to them. For a quick tease on what is to come…I tricked Jed (with the help of all our friends) into thinking that I would be leaving for FL on Friday when we were really having a surprise party for him the next night; I visited the college I was ‘asked to leave’ in Orlando; I have been staying with my aunt and uncle in Orlando and I got to visit one of my best friends, Robin who took me to South Florida and we spent a day on South Beach in Miami and a day in West Palm Beach where we got to try on really, really expensive and humongoid diamonds.

For now, however, I am still in the process of introductions and I wanted everyone to get to know the little men in my life. I am the proud auntie of two little boys, Joey and Tommy. They are little miracle babies. Joey, as seen here...

Joey (1).jpg

Joey (2).jpg

...was due on February 7th (hmmmm familiar date…) but was born two months early on December 11, 2001. He weighed around 3 pounds and actually looked Asian. However, he now looks a lot like my dad except in a good way, and he has a great little personality. Joey was named after my brother’s imaginary friend from childhood (though some of us still question his present existence). My brother will insist that he was named after my brother but in reverse, but it was told to me that it was really after his imaginary friend. Knowing my brother, I know his “friend” was behind the whole thing. Joey is a little spitfire. He enjoys hanging out alone as he feels that he can entertain himself far better than any of us. The Wiggles are his favorite show featuring homosexual men and he likes to have his belly rubbed, but only by my brother. He has lots of little, sharp teeth and uses them on occasion. His preferred method of travel is a scoot/hop/roll/pivot. He enjoys chocolate birthday cake, peeing in the tub and clapping.

Tommy was even a bigger miracle. He was born 3 months early. An entire trimester! He was due on March 26th but popped out on January 7, 2003. I think he only weighed one or two pounds. He was so little and lived in an incubator just like his brother did. I visited him often in the hospital and touched him by a small, gentle tapping since a pet would likely tear his delicate skin. Now he is a year old and so freaking cute. Unlike Joey, who isn’t a fan of cuddling, Tommy is a snuggler. He can’t get enough of being held and loved, which is right up my alley. When visiting, I usually make a beeline for Tommy and don’t give him up until a cry starts to form, which is when I quickly toss him to my mom so that they think she made him cry. Here is Tommy looking a little surprised and a tad different than his actual self, but you still get the point.

Tommy (1).jpg

He is damn cute. I am also his Godmother. (Not that I believe in that crap, but my brother does and if anyone was going to do the job, it was me, largely because all the other siblings were used up for the important stuff with Joey. Nothing like being a leftover. But I still intend to do my best as the most nonreligious Godmother the world has ever seen.) I will teach these boys to rebel against the Catholic Church (unless they want to practice) and I will shower them with gifts that my measly paycheck after rent and student loans can buy. Though not as into the homo-Wiggles as Joey, Tommy pretty much likes anything that his big brother does. I am not sure that Joey realizes Tommy exists, but it is cute nonetheless. He looks a lot like my brother but hopefully will continue on a cuter path. If you want to win his love, play pattycake with his feet. He enjoys sleeping on my brothers spot in the bed and screaming these little screams just to hear his own voice. He hasn’t decided how he feels about clapping yet.

So now you have met my nephews. I never liked kids, and in a way I still don’t. These two are the exception to the rule because they are so damn cute, you can’t help but love them and talk in that irritating baby voice when you are around them. Well, that is all for now. Back to sunny FL and worrying that I talk (write) WAY too much.

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January 13, 2004

Hello and Welcome to my Webpage!

At long last, I am using this wonderful page. I would like to begin with a HUGE thank you to Alex, C and J who gave me this site. It was the best surprise.

Anyway, I am still in the process of learning how to use this and make it interesting so for a while I will only have meaningless stuff to say like to following:

I believe the reason that this site was given to me was because I talk a lot, actually in this case, I write a lot. I always have some witty retort on either Jed or Chase's page, except that they are never witty and rarely are retorts. I suppose my constant presence led them to believe that I needed my own place to voice my view of the world.

Speaking of the world...this page is called Global. So appropriate. Who should I thank for that? Anyway, for those of you who don't know me (and since I am sending this link out to everyone on my list, you probably do know me so this is pointless, except in the lucky-for-me event that word gets out about how fabulous this site is and everyone tells everyone else and it becomes a pop-culture phenomenon that takes the world by storm and I am dividing my time between Regis and Kelly and Conan so that the world can see the brilliance behind Global.) Yes, I actually do speak like that.

Okay, so the page is called Global because I am probably the world's most antsy person. I get bored very easily and enjoy moving. I own no furniture and hate "stuff." There are a few things I always have with me for sentimental value, like the picture my aunt drew me of her polup and some pictures, but other than those, everything else I own is essential and can fit into the acceptable size suitcase for commercial flights. This enables me to move at an unhealthy pace. There was a two year period where I moved every four months. I have lived in four states (not counting the time I thought I was going to live in upstate New York but ditched that idea after four days living in what seemed to resemble where people on the Witness Protection Program are sent) I also spent four months living on a ship, circumnavigating the globe. I have lived with probably every close friend I have and their parents, sometimes when the friend isn't even there. This has enabled me to have a ridiculously large "family" all over the world in addition to the ridiculously large biological family that always seems to pop up wherever I go. Currently, I reside in Connecticut, which is nothing short of hideous. Okay fine, it's beautiful and quaint, blah blah blah, but it is also boring and depressing. I prefer the difficult life of not knowing one single thing about where I am and having almost no means of communication with anyone around me. This is why I am moving to...JAPAN! Yes, next month (if all my paperwork goes through on time, which it isn't so far) I will be off to Osaka, Japan where I can feel even more self-conscious of my size than I already do. Who knows what will happen after that. I tend to make rather spontaneous decisions about where I am moving to next, so it is anyone's guess. The stranger the better, but I am taking a break from winter, so the chances are slim that I would move someplace where snow is involved.

Due to my terminal geographical boredom, I can't promise any regularity to this site whatsoever. In fact, this weekend I am off to Orlando to visit some family and friends. I return to CT the following week only to hysterically sob while J leaves for Seattle. The next week will be split between CT and Albany, where I will be further feeding my depression with a massive pity party with my close friend Lisa as she and I face the horrors of turning a quarter century on the same day. Provided my aging body doesn't give out on me, I will be headed to Arizona with a few friends for a long weekend and then off to Seattle where I can irritate C and J until they kick me out, at which point I will be driving down to San Francisco, one of my favorite places on earth and location for my flight to Osaka. My point is, I have no idea when I will add to this site but I will do my best to entertain my audience (you) with the adventures of my life.

One thing I do promise is to ramble on like this every time I do get to write. All I ask from you is that you pretend to read it all, and more importantly, pretend to enjoy every poorly constructed sentence and compliment me often. You don't really have to compliment me. Okay, yes you do.

I want to introduce myself further to all of you, even though we already know eachother. In the next installments, I will bore you to tears with pictures of places I have been, things I do, and people in my life, including my adorable nephews who are the cutest things on Earth. I am not just saying that because they are my flesh and blood, because I happen to think my brother is repulsive (unless of course, you think he looks like me, in which case, he is a gorgeous, gorgeous specimen of a human), nor am I saying that because all babies are cute. I think most babies are ugly. I also dislike many children. So with absolutely no authority on the subject, I feel I can say with complete objectivity that my nephews are the cutest little men in the world and I am prepared to bombard you with pictures of them in all their cuteness even though no one likely cares.

I would just like to add that this epic introduction is a free write because I wanted to be as much of myself as possible so you can decide right off the bat if you want to ignore me. Just keep in mind, I plan on talking about my friends so you will want to log on every single day so you can see what I say about you.

(I have no idea how to communicate AT ALL in Japanese)

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