February 19, 2004

Dandy Andy

Notice anything different about the webpage? (Other than the fact that I have posted more things on it) The beauty that is now my webpage was done this afternoon by Andy. He's a great artist and it amazes me that he can create art like that. If you get the opportunity, check out his website at www.imaginationispower.com

Thanks again Andy! I love it!

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February 18, 2004

The Month In Review

My deepest apologies for not writing for so long. Now that I am sort of in one place for a bit, I can be much more frequent with my entries. Andy and Jed are going to help me make my webpage pretty too so it will be an overall better experience. I would also like to apologize to anyone who read the comments made by my family on the last entry. This will no longer be a forum for family arguments. Mom, that is directed specifically to you. :)

Anyway, last week was full of goodbyes and celebrations. Here is a (quick as I can be) recap of the events that I failed to update you on:

On January 30 Jed, Andy and good Dr. Elvis Bartakamous set out for Seattle.
On February 1, the world saw Janet Jackson's boob. Was it planned? Who's idea was it? Should all 'live' shows have a delay? Who gives a rat's ass?
On February 3, the guys arrived in Seattle at some ungodly hour.
On February 4, UMASS called me and told me they wanted my diploma back. Or at least that a clerical error is the reason that they want to take away my magna cum laude designation.
On February 5, I spent $600 on new clothes for work with Lisa.
On February 6, Lisa and I had a morning at the spa. We had facials and a hydrotherapy massage and a bad makeover. Then we drove back to CT in a snowstorm.
On February 7, Lisa and I turned a whopping 25! She is the best birthday buddy ever. Lisa, Rob and I went to visit Anni and Chris in NYC. The girls had pedicures, the boys went to a wine tasting or something. We all went to lunch. I got very ill. Then I went to my friend Kaycee's apartment where we indulged in birthday ice cream and nachos and other wonderful, fatty foods.
On February 8, I returned to CT to find that my boyfriend sent me a dozen red roses for my birthday. I left for the city too early to see them that day.
On February 9, I played with my nephews.
On February 10, I played with my nephews and went out to dinner with my sister in law.
On February 11, I left for Arizona at the most ungodly hour with my friends Meghan and Jesse where Jesse entertained us with his ideas on how to thwart a terrorist attack by using two inflated life vests as a barrier between him and the knife-wielding attackers. Even after Meghan and I explained to him that air is easy to stab through and that we didn't want to think about that before getting on a plane, he continued with his ideas as a way to "fill the silence."
Arizona lasted from 2/11 to 2/15. I went with my old roommate Meghan and her husband to visit Meghan's family and just spend some time relaxing. We did a whole lot of nothing and it was wonderful.
On February 15, I came to Seattle and so far am doing a whole lot of nothing here. It is also wonderful. Jed and Chris have a beautiful apartment in a very nice section of the city. I must say that I am jealous.
On February 18, Jed and Andy remembered that they bought me a cake a few days earlier and we celebrated my belated birthday and Valentine's Day. There were naughty candles in the cake. I also learned that Andy has no sense of smell. That's whack.

So there's the recap. You're all updated and there will be more to come much, much sooner this time.

Sayonara or something...

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