May 20, 2004

My First Niece

This has been an exciting week for us here in Borrington, Patheticut (Thank you Beckie for providing me with such an eloquent way to describe my hometown). Jed's sister Beckie and her boyfriend Chris got an 8 week old pug named Lily. Her only downfall, as Chris explained to Jed, is that she likes to eat her own poo. But, who doesn't?

Lily in a Shoe.jpg

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May 12, 2004

Woulda Been, Shoulda Been and a Poem for Beckie

For what seems like the millionth time, today would have been the day we left for Japan. But all because of the letter A we can't go until June. For those of you who don't know, Jed (unknowingly) filled out his immigration paperwork with his full middle name while his passport simply listed his middle initial.

In all honesty, it has been good to visit all because of Dr. Elvis Bartakamous Md, PhD, Ob-Gyn, Esq. Staying with Jed's family has been really fun and I get to see my nephews again, who now walk AND I get to see Meghan and Jesse and Anni and Chris and Chuck and all the other people in the tri-state area.

We are now going to leave for Japan on June 16, assuming something else doesn't happen. I am anxious to get started and can't wait to see Rob, Lisa, Juliette, Bryan and Mari, but am trying to be optimistic that there is a reason I am here now. And hopefully, I won't have to live in CT after this.

And now, for the real reason I posted today...

A poem for Beckie

Beckie, Beckie, she's so fun
And her mom likes to run
Beckie has pretty blonde hair
Sigh, My life is so unfair
She lives in New York
And uses a fork
'We Built this City' is a good song, she said
And I really like her brother Jed.

Wow, I am a bad poet.

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May 09, 2004

Useless Knowledge

I wanted to share some new things that I learned in the last couple of weeks. They are really of no value but they are fun and may end up winning me my first trivial pursuit game.

Captain Crunch's official first name is Horatio.

In addition to Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry, there was a fourth, less popular monster, Fruit Brute, a warewolf cereal which was discontinued.

In baseball, a ground rule double is when the ball is hit out of the park and bounces back into the field, automatically advancing the batter to second base.

Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said that in his next life he would like to come back as a 36DD bra.

Fraser Crane's view from his apartment on his Seattle-based television show is impossible unless you are more than halfway up one of the satellite towers on Queen Anne Hill.

I hope you feel as enriched as I do.

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