September 19, 2004

More of the Same

Since all I do is work and since Jed has been handling the actual documenting of our life, I have nothing left to talk about except my work.

So here is more of the same:

*A woman flat out told me that "Almost all men make lies about housework."

*I learned that a marriage proposal in Japan consists of the man asking the woman to go to his hometown and meet his parents. There isn't even a ring! GASP!!!!

*"New Yorkers are fatter that people from Toky because Tokyo people don't eat."

*Recently, my body is fat. My body is ugly."

*I asked one man what his chores were and he said that "Everyday I take a bath with my daughter." (I pretended not to hear)

*"My favorite movie is Sweet November." WHAT?!?!?!? I didn't even think anyone saw that movie.

*"I smell delicious."

*"The baby seal is soft and silky and delicious."

*We have about 5 minutes of introduction time so that the students can relax and get comfortable using the language and make the transition from Japanese to English. We ask questions that are simple and involve the regular introductory material Name, Age, Hometown, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, some students make it very interesting like the following...
**What is your blood type?
**STUDENT 1: Where do you live?
STUDENT 2: In my house.

*I recently did a lesson focusing on body part vocab. This woman tried so hard but could not get it right..."You lick ice cream with your hand. You scratch your head with your knee."

*One woman called an exterminator a Cockroach Buster. I had the Ghostbusters theme song in my head for the rest of the day.

*McDonald's (Macudo in Osaka and Mac in Tokyo) are wildly popular here. However, they cannot say Ronald McDonald due to the difficulty of the letter R. Instead, they call him Donald McDonald. Now I will call him that too.

*One woman told me that Japanese people were kind because they take care of old people and babies. This must be opposed to all the other countries that don't.


*Kirin Beer is very popular here. I learned that Kirin is the Japanese word for Giraffe. It is likely that DRAFT was mistook as GIRAFFE hence...the delicious Giraffe Beer. This story is by far my favorite.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I do. Hopefully I will put a little variety up here soon and stop boring everyone to tears.

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