December 19, 2004

Quote of the Day

"If me and Pop Tarts were hanging off a cliff and you could only save one of us, you would definitely hesitate before you saved me."

Who believes that malarky?

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December 17, 2004


Today I had a lesson with one of my absolute favorite students. She got me a gift for New Year's and explained to me the significance of this particular gift to the Japanese.

That is not important.

What IS important is that from there, we began discussing different customs. I told her about Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny and of course, The Tooth Fairy. By the way Mom, I feel incredibly ripped off. Jed got a MINIMUM of $1.00 (he claims once he got $20) and all I seem to remember are dimes and quarters. We can talk about reimbursement later.

Ahem. Where was I?

Oh yes....she was very amused with the Tooth Fairy custom and shared with me what they do in Japan.

When a tooth is lost they simply throw it. If they lose a bottom tooth, they throw it up to ensure that the new tooth will grow in strong and healthy. If they lose a top tooth, they throw it down.


However, Jed pointed out that our way is clearly better because we can save our money to buy such things as toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash and general dental care. Their method only ensures that they will have a mouthful of rotten chompers.


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