June 03, 2005


The long awaited return of Jed and Karen is coming soon!!!

The approximate date of return is August 14. We've been insanely busy the past few weeks and in order to pay for our ultra cool vacation we will continue to be busy for a few more weeks.

After we return from our SE Asia jaunt we will have about a month to get Japan out of our system which I am sure will be bittersweet. Things always seem better when you're saying goodbye. We are realizing that in our year of waiting to return we've actually made quite a life for ourselves. There are things we love, things we do everyday that reinforce the 'home' we've made for ourselves and my favorite are the people we've met. In the past few weeks we've really settled into a family here. Maybe the closeness grows out of knowing we'll all be leaving soon but we're happy nonetheless. It will be sad to see it go.

But we long to return to couches we fit on, beds we fit on (beds period), ceilings we can stand under and food we can eat. ('we' in all the above except food equals Jed) But we really long to return to the friends we've had our whole lives.

We are likely settling in Baltimore, for a while anyway. Who knows where we will end up a year from now. Stay tuned for more updates on our trips and return home!!!!!

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