January 21, 2006

Four Wonderful Years

It was four years ago on this very date that I was in Nassau, Bahamas ready to embark on Semester at Sea. Unfortunately, Road Rules gave the program a boozy reputation, but it remains the single most amzing thing I have ever done in my life.

Yes, amazing because I travelled to 11 countries that I would not likely otherwise visit. But also because to me, it marked a huge turning point in my life. I removed from my life the trash that bogged me down and did something completely independent.

For those of you who haven't been bored to tears by my endless stories, here is a recap:

I met Fidel Castro
I spent my birthday at Carnival in Rio de Janiero
I went sky diving in South Africa
I hired my very own personal driver for a weekend to cart me back and forth to a tropical resort in Mauritius.
I spent an afternoon at the Taj Mahal.
I went to my first gay karaoke bar in Singapore.
I crawled through the Cu Chi Tunnels and rowed through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
I met Patch Adams. (the real deal)
I spent an evening with my best roomie ever on top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.
I planned an excursion for me and two friends through China by train and plane.
I survived being caught in sand storm while on a plane. (Very frightening)
I climbed the Great Wall of China (Twice now!)
I saw the only structural remains from the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, Japan. (also done twice now)
I made some of the greatest friends I have ever had.
I spent weeks surrounded by nothing but ocean.

I lived many lifetimes in that four months and I have lived many more since then. I am very blessed. Not only did I experience some of the most amazing times, but I met some truly amazing people. I miss all my friends from that trip and don't see you often enough. We are now all over the world, some in Japan, some in the Peace Corps in Ghana, some are becoming lawyers and some are getting married.

I am not sad, only slightly nostalgic but very, very excited for everything I will do in the future and that I will have Jed there to do it all with me.

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