February 28, 2006


It appears that I am having an aging crisis which I seem to think is pretty unfair.

On Sunday, Anni discovered my first grey hair.

I can (and do) dye my hair. However, I am frustrated because I still get zits every day.

I was sort of hoping for a small window of opportunity to have zero obvious flaws. Even if this was just a month or a year.

Sigh. At least I have big boobs.

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February 22, 2006

Smells Like Bacon, Tastes Like Crap

Have you ever wondered what cat or dog treats taste like?

Jed has.

Have you ever actually tried your cat or dog treats?

Beckie and Chris have.

Lesson learned: Cat and dog treats may smell intriguing, but the taste is best left to the imagination.

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February 01, 2006

Hell Has Frozen Over

Chuck has a cell phone!

Let's take a look back:

Chuck: I will never own a cell phone.

A few days later:
Chuck: Can I borrow one of your cell phones in case we get separated or lost?

Chuck: The Hartford skyline is soooo beautiful.

He may own a cell phone but no one knows his number, including him.

Yay for Chuck!

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