March 19, 2006

Side Effects We Already Knew

Recently there have been reports that Ambien, the Arcelaschi family favorite, has been linked to side effects such as:

-midnight binge eating
-very odd behavior and ramblings
-temporary amnesia and
-sleep walking

My mom first got my brother and I hooked on the stuff way back in 2002. She had to stop supplying when my brother turned criminal and depleted our stock. But I kept it alive!

I thought that my friends, particularly Chris and Jed, would enjoy these new findings even though they already knew them due to a late night in a Denver hotel room 4 years ago.

I claim amnesia.

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March 10, 2006

Do You Think I'm Sexy; Ring My Bell!

My auntie Don sent me a very fun site to find out the #1 song on the day you were born.

My song was clear foreshadowing of my body image issues:
Do You Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart

While Jed's is a catchy little number of which he knew way too many words:
Ring My Bell by Anita Ward

What's yours?

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March 06, 2006

My Favorite Saturday

This weekend was a lot of fun largely due to the Saturday night I spent at home with Jed.

Drunk with little boy on Christmas morning excitement over his new surround sound system (which coincidentally surrounds only his recliner), Jed was in a spectacular mood. I had just returned from tutoring and he instinctively knew I needed cheering up. His sixth sense regarding my mood is really remarkable.

As I skulked around the apartment, Jed ushered me into the computer room to show me the record player he set up. His satellite radio was playing through the system and I sat down not caring a whole lot about this audial epiphany that seemed to have struck him earlier. Seal's Kiss From a Rose came on and Jed gave the BEST interpretive dance/American Idol lipsync performance. I cannot help but giggle whenever I am around him and my mood was immediately transformed.

Not many people get to see this brilliantly hysterical side of Jed, so I am very lucky. Part of me wants to share him with everyone so they can laugh like I do, but most of me wants to hoarde him all to myself.

I know it doesn't sound as funny as it was. Maybe the karaoke version of 'Passionate Kisses' he sang to me on Friday is a funnier story. Maybe the time he stuffed a baseball in my pillow when I went to get a drink of water is funnier. Perhaps it is the "fact" that he can't bend his arms during a full moon that makes people laugh. All I really know as I sit here typing, he is cooking a delicious dinner and I am so unbelievably lucky to have him.

Go ahead and barf, I'm going to get me some Passionate Kisses.

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