June 26, 2006

What I Learned at the Zoo

I apologize for not keeping up with the site. Though over for a couple of weeks, I am now looking over all the things from our vacation and found stuff I want to share.

The San Diego Zoo is one of the greatest places on Earth. Jed and I had so much fun there and could easily spend every day frolicking throughout the exhibits.

Jed had one rule for our vacation...there was to be no learning. But the zoo taught us things without us even realizing it. Here is what we learned...

-The giraffe has the highest blood pressure of any animal in the world.
-The horns on a giraffe are the only horns of any animal that are covered in skin.
-Giraffes give birth standing up. The baby drops 6 feet to the ground head first.
-Giraffes make many sounds that are lower than the human ear can pick up.
-Polar bears have the strongest sense of smell of any mammal.
-Zebras have ridiculously long penises.
-The Galapagos Turtle growls like a dog when agitated.
-Flaminogos 'do it' standing up. (You may have figured this but I really wanted to include that we saw flamingos 'doin' it'.
-Koalas are not bears but marsupials.

I like giraffes. That is why most of my information is about them. Stay tuned for things we learned at Sea World.

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June 25, 2006


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June 03, 2006


We're going to Mexico!!!

See you soon!!!

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