February 23, 2007


I love this picture. It was taken over 3 years ago. It is one of my favorite pictures. I am with my very favorite person and wearing my very favorite t-shirt that reads "I Glimbed the Great Wall".

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February 19, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Thank you Beckie (and Chris!) for a very fun birthday afternoon!
I want it to be my birthday every Saturday!!!

Remember this birthday party nearly 3 years ago...

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February 15, 2007

Tastes like Chicken

I'm very proud of our cat Dr. Elivs Bartokomous Scattergood for surviving his first trip to the dentist. (It was really just the vet.)

Our poor kitty has gingivitis but he had his teeth cleaned and he is back at home shaking off the drowsy effects of the anesthesia. All night he walked like he was really drunk - very cute.

Now we (Jed) will have to brush his teeth everyday with poultry flavored toothpaste. Mmmmm.

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February 12, 2007

Happy Burgerthday Jess!

Today was my friend Jess' birthday. She's super fun so I made her a cake that looks like a burger.

It made my teeth and tummy hurt but it was a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday Jess!

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February 04, 2007

Sexy and "Eleventeen"

A reference to both The Stray Cats and Owen...

I wonder whatever happened to my earrings...

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