December 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Sadie!

You're the most rockin' little girl ever. I love you so so so much and hope you have a million happy birthdays!

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December 17, 2007


Last night was the Survivor finale. I love Survivor - in fact, I love all Reality Television. I don't care whether it is "real" or not and I'm sick of people who think they're better than those who enjoy watching it. I find it entertaining and what would be even more entertaining is if I knew someone on it.

A couple seasons ago, two of my friends from college (I was actually only friends with one) won the Amazing Race. It was the same season Jed and I auditioned for. I plan on continuing to audition because we'd rule and we'd totally win. I am not afraid to talk to anyone and everyone and Jed is convinced he is awesome at everything so it's a no brainer. And we would not be boring, despite what some of our friends say.

However, while I wait for my Amazing Race dreams to be fulfilled - I think Jed should audition for Survivor. Why? He's smart yet kind. He could connive with the best of them but also be their BFF. He is athletic and though loves his warm, comfy bed - he isn't a complainer. He likes a good challenge and really loves white rice. He's super competitive and hard working.

My problem is that Jed says he doesn't want to be on Survivor. I don't believe it. I think he does - he did at one point. And he'd be GREAT at it. So, please help me convince him to make a tape. Or maybe some of you can compete with him to see who gets further in the process....he loves a good competition. And, please don't suggest I do it. I hate bugs, camping, not eating and generally everything about Survivor, except watching it.

I already know his luxury item would be his toothbrush. We've discussed it. He's ready. He just needs a push.

I'm bored at work - can you tell?

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