May 29, 2008

One Year!

It's hard to believe it has been one year since I married Jed with Aron and I giggling all the way down the aisle. The lack of wanting to plan ahead led to a last minute trip to Vegas to do all the things we didn't get to do while we were there the first time.

I have been consumed with my anniversary for a few months now and wanted it to be special and romantic. I had a blast but it was definitely not what I expected. Here's a snapshot of our first anniversary:

Breakfast - Our two for the price of one coupon took off my fruit but not my actual breakfast, therefore only saving us $5 and delivering the most expensive breakfast known to man.

Late Morning - A wonderful gondola ride at the Venetian. I particularly enjoyed the gondoleers Italian characters and then between rides hearing them talk to each other like 20 year old Americans. Shortly after, a blister on my foot the size of a nickel exploded. It was awesome. Note - bring sneakers. No matter what your past walking experience, flip flops on the Strip are not a good idea.

Noonish - The Stratosphere. Oh. My. God. I have never before been afraid of heights or rides but the second I got to the top of this 1,300 foot building I lost it. My lovely husband, not wanting to ride the rides designed for pairs with a stranger, sensitively pointed out that no one was forcing me to ride. But because I am an AWESOME wife, I wanted to make him happy and conquered my fear to ride all three rides (Translation: I balled my way through every ride and even begged to be taken off the last one, which the operators deliberately ignored.) The views were beautiful and in the end I was glad I did it but I will not be doing it again. You can only imagine how awesome my photos looked.

Lunch - Treasure Island Buffet. It was our favorite last time and our favorite this time.

Afternoon - We made our way back to our hotel and stopped for one of those funky Aqua Massages that I wanted to do last year but we didn't have the time for. That made me feel slightly better about having gone on the rides.

Late Afternoon - In pain, we went back to the hotel to rest before going out to see some night stuff. My heartbeat was just starting to return to normal from the morning's rides.

Evening - Jed won $12.00 at the MGM Grand. I think we only spent about $3 so we were pretty happy that we came out of Vegas with a $9 profit.
We went to Treasure Island to see the pirate show - LAME. I then hobbled over to the Bellagio to watch the fountains. AMAZING. I could have watched them all night long.

The buffet made us too full for a romantic dinner that we planned and our feet and legs were so sore from walking nearly 6 miles a day that we just wanted to sleep.

The previous day had been filled with much of the same sightseeing and walking. We saw the best Cirque du Soleil show ever - Zumanity and had an amazing time. It's always fun to just hang out together. We travel so well together and everything is a good time.

So, thank you Jed for taking me back to where it all started a year ago to celebrate. Thank you for not throwing me off the top of the Stratasphere during my freakout. Thanks for a super cool anniversary! Where are we going next year?????

Side note - Thank you to Meems for the BEST anniversary gift ever. Apparently year one is the paper anniversary. We came home to a big bag of toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, napkins, post its, etc. And thank you for taking care of our little kitten. I hope he was a good boy.

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